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Office Phone: (276) 865-7101 (non emergency)
Nights / Weekends: (276) 926-1650 (E-911 Dispatch Center)
Fax: (276) 865-7171

For Emergency Call 911

Street Address:

322 Main Street
Haysi, VA 24256

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 278
Haysi, VA 24256

EmailHaysi Police Department

The Haysi Police Department was incorporated in 1936, and only employs DCJS Certified Law Enforcement Officers.  The Haysi Police Department serves a vacation destination community, which proudly and equally serves people from diverse cultures and areas. The mission of the Haysi Police Department is to protect the life, individual liberty, and property of all people within the Town of Haysi, Virginia.

The Town of Haysi is located within Dickenson County, Virginia; the partnership between Haysi Police Department and Dickenson County Sheriff's Office provides the best equipment and services available to our community.  In addition to allowing Haysi's police officers to have the same county wide jurisdiction as Deputy Sheriffs, it has paved the way for the acquisition of off-road vehicles, boats, generators, trailers, barricades, and a Matrice 300 Drone with both agencies having a licensed pilot.

Chief of Police – Bobby Edwards


Serving in the Law Enforcement Community since 2001, and the Haysi Police Department since 2011, Chief Edwards deals with all day to day operations of the Haysi Police Department. Chief Edwards also serves as a licensed criminal justice instructor with many specialties of instruction and teaches classes upon request.  


Edwards also serves as the Director of Operations for the Town of Haysi, which provides oversight for the Department of Economic Development, Haysi Volunteer Fire Department, Town of Haysi - Emergency Management Services, and Department of Public Safety (including Litter Control and Town Maintenance). 

Chief Edwards welcomes all visitors to stop by the Police Department to voice questions, concerns, comments, or stop and say hello.

Important Information


The 2020 session of the General Assembly passed a bill to amend the
Code of Virginia by adding in and amending several Code sections (§§
9.2-191, 15.2-1609.10, 15.2-1722.1, 52-30.1 through 52-30.4) relating
to the Community Policing Act; data collection and reporting
requirements. Additional updates to the Community Policing Act will
take place July 1, 2021 per Chapter 37 of 2020 Special Session I.


Haysi Crime Data – Mandatory for public agencies receiving 599 funds per § 52-28

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