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Welcome to The Town of Haysi’s website. On behalf of The Haysi Town Council and the community of Haysi, I hope you find the information here to be both helpful and entertaining. Haysi sits near the junction of The McClure River with The Russell Fork River and Russell Prater Creek, all tributaries to The Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. With a present population of approximately 500 citizens, the town serves the Northwest sector of Dickenson County and a community there of about 3500. Haysi is Virginia’s gateway to the Breaks Interstate Park and is “Where Your Break Begins”.

The town of Haysi benefits from the natural beauty of our surrounding mountains, waterways, parks and trails. Built upon those foundations are many opportunities for outdoor recreation in the forms of hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. along with first class hunting and fishing.

It is The Town of Haysi’s plan to work both locally and on a regional basis to promote our natural resources while also protecting them, to build on our many assets, continue working toward improvements in our town’s economy, promoting our town’s businesses as well as working to improve our infrastructure.

Haysi to those of us who can call it home is a hidden treasure. To first time visitors, it’s often a pleasant surprise and a place they want to return. To those of you who have yet to experience what Haysi is and has to offer, please accept an open invitation to visit, stay a while and get acquainted, plan a return trip, or plan a lifetime here in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia.

— Larry D. Yates, Mayor

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